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url.d.ts File Reference


export interface URL
host __pad0__
hostname __pad1__
href __pad2__
toString() readonly origin
password __pad3__
pathname __pad4__
port __pad5__
protocol __pad6__
search __pad7__
readonly searchParams
username __pad8__
new(url:string|URL, base?:string|URL) canParse(url:string|URL, base?:string) createObjectURL(obj:Blob|MediaSource) revokeObjectURL (url:string)
export interface URLSearchParams
 new (init?:string[][]|Record< string, string >|string|URLSearchParams)

Detailed Description

Type definitions for URL/URLSearchParams

Tom Tang
August 2023

Variable Documentation

◆ __pad0__

host __pad0__

◆ __pad1__

hostname __pad1__

◆ __pad2__

href __pad2__

◆ __pad3__

password __pad3__

◆ __pad4__

pathname __pad4__

◆ __pad5__

port __pad5__

◆ __pad6__

protocol __pad6__

◆ __pad7__

search __pad7__

◆ __pad8__

username __pad8__

◆ new

new ( init?:string|Record< string, string >|string|  URLSearchParams[][])

◆ origin

toString () readonly origin ( )

◆ revokeObjectURL

new (url: string | URL, base?: string | URL) canParse (url: string | URL, base?: string) createObjectURL (obj: Blob | MediaSource) revokeObjectURL(url:string) (   url:string)

MDN Reference MDN Reference

not implemented by polyfill

MDN Reference

not implemented by polyfill

◆ searchParams

readonly searchParams


var declare URL
Initial value:
hash: string

Modified from Apache License 2.0 The URL interface represents an object providing static methods used for creating object URLs.

MDN Reference

MDN Reference

◆ URLSearchParams

var declare URLSearchParams
Initial value:
readonly size: number

MDN Reference

Appends a specified key/value pair as a new search parameter.

MDN Reference Deletes the given search parameter, and its associated value, from the list of all search parameters.

MDN Reference Returns the first value associated to the given search parameter.

MDN Reference Returns all the values association with a given search parameter.

MDN Reference Returns a Boolean indicating if such a search parameter exists.

MDN Reference Sets the value associated to a given search parameter to the given value. If there were several values, delete the others.

MDN Reference MDN Reference Returns a string containing a query string suitable for use in a URL. Does not include the question mark.